They say good friends come to an end when you leave school,
and they say if you think you've a good friend in college -

You're nothing but a fool.

They say that college cannot outnumber the fun
you had
back in those years
When childhood was the new experience
with fun and laughter and tears...

They say a lot of things.

But they never told me about the people I would meet here:


In some ways, she remains a silly naive child
But she shares the soul -
of a young woman in the making
About to conquer the world.
About to face a new dawn that's breaking...

And her laughter, rings in the air,
She gazes around wildly at times -
Wondering why the world never seems to be there...
Where she had always thought it belonged.

At times she cries, curses at life
The next minute she laughs,
Unpredictable girl - caught between -
the ecstasy of childhood and the duties of an adult.
Caught in the moment between girl and woman.

In some ways, she is the grown up
Gracefully gliding through her life -
Messing it up in some instances, and handling the job well
when it comes to others...
But no matter what, she'll always remain:

Our Rohini,
a very
dearly beloved sister and friend
Until the very end...


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