A String Of Thoughts....

Another night passes; another day comes to an end
Its night now...but I am still wide awake...
Thinking when the Prince will come into my life -
Rid me of this intense pain I keep feeling...
Wide-eyed I lie on the bed
Staring into the darkness, looking above
There lays a hope buried inside of me...
It struggles desperately to get out of here
But I can't let it go...
What fight is this?
Ripping apart my heart and soul
Tearing me apart from inside
There are no winners in this battle
I try to cry my eyes out
But no tears would come
There's nothing for it...
No escaping this trap I somehow got into
I spend sleepless nights alone...
Lost in the dark I’m
Can’t find a way out of this mess!
Can’t find a solution to all the problems that arises
It feels as if winter has come so many months early
I can feel my heart breaking into a million pieces
What am I to do now?
I turn over in my bed
Trying to desperately sleep for a few hours
When will this feeling of loss and confusion end?
I shriek in anguish – but the tears...
The tears refuse to come!
This hollow feeling refuses to go
I am lost forever and I know that now
No Prince will ever come to save me
I should stop dreaming now...
Getting my hopes up is really not my thing
I bury my head in the pillow –
I can think about all this in the morning
Yes, I’ll think about it tomorrow!
Till then, let me close my eyes
Perhaps deep inside me, I might find my answer
I mean to say,
Maybe –just maybe – I might find Him some day
I might find my Prince...


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