I Met You

The days have never been sweeter,
Since the day I met you.
The winds have never been cooler,
From the day I met you…
The nights have never been filled with vagrant thoughts,
After the days I met you!
Each day goes by now with me simply gazing,
Smiling to myself as I realize what’s happening…
I am falling in love with you
The birds sing this truth to me from dawn to dusk
The air smells of this feeling during the nights.
And when suddenly from my sleep I rise…
I suddenly realize…
I am in love.
In my dreams all I see is you
My dreams are all made up of you…
I keep on thinking of you and smile bitterly when it dawns on me-
You no longer belong to me.
I have no right to tell you how much I still love you.
Because you’ve left me behind…feeling unwanted and unloved….
You now are far away from me
And that’s the way I’ll let things be…
But I do promise everyday “I say a little prayer for you”,
For Good God deserves to look after a darling like you.
I am sure and always will be, sometime, somewhere you’ve loved me.
That love of yours is enough to keep me going through out the rest of my life…


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