It's Too Late....But Time Can Heal....

It's too long, too late now....
To tell you what I felt long time ago
To let you inside and show you my heart
A heart that is forever yours.....
But now in the arms of another

I could be with him all my life
I could have laughed the loudest with him;
I might have kissed him first.....

Yet you still remain forever in my mind
I never could tell you
And it's too late now, too late, darling

Our happiness has been lost
Never can we find solace with one another
Neither with others.....

We will never confess the true feeling
And forever be punished for this one sin,
This one mistake

Never knowing when the time is right
And when it's just too late

I'm sorry I joked before
Believe me, when I said all that -
My heart bled more

To be hurt, to feel lost
Those are feelings I am pretty used to
Give it time.....just time.....

For that alone can heal us.........


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