Soul Food

This, this time..there are no words
That would express...
Things that I should like to say -
Things that simply impress.

Fascination has reached its high,
And I really have no idea why...
You're still here, standing next to me.
Bound a little; but mostly free.

I know one day that you'll be gone,
Because I know you cannot let me be torn.
But now that you're here, please stay with me...
Stay with me, and I'll show you a world to see.

A world that I've built around this place,
And surrounded by only the familiar faces.
Nevertheless there always will be spaces...
Happiness through quietitude and some embraces.

What I've not said as yet,
and you like to before I forget -

THANK YOU, for the soul food.
Thank you, for being so good...

You're still here, when you could have gone away.
I know one day you won't be there to stay.

But till you decide to go off and fly...
Just keep being the person you are, and never ask me why...


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