The Pitcher & The Ocean

They say it is the pitcher of water,
that would sustain and comfort...
when the days are hard & the nights are cold.
The pitcher never empties;
for it can be filled again..
It remains constant.

Through sun, wind or rain...

No tides can upset, nor the calm reflect.

In a way it is - unreasonably perfect.

And is that why, my eyes stray?

Towards the ocean - a little away?

Because though not not tired of this perfect prison;
I need to live.
That's my reason.

I need to embrace life, drown in laughter & love...
Let love wash away my fears...
Wipe away the tears, I have cried through the years...

But every time I try, a little by little,

I hear an agonizing cry...
And turn to look back...and then I lose track.

I can't answer the call of the ocean,

With the waves crashing wild -
Because I've grownup from being a child...

And unwilling though, at times my heart can be,

I content myself with the pitcher...
Because I cannot ever answer the calls from the sea.

The pitcher is forever, for everyday use.

While the ocean teases my senses, my feelings...

And remains forever my muse.


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