#Musings: Which Aniesha Brahma Novel Should You Read Based On Your Poison

It’s no secret that I was only six when I decided that I wanted to become an author. Instead of telling me to chase a realistic dream, my family encouraged me to chase that dream, and eventually, I did turn it into a reality. It’s been almost nine years since I came into the publishing world. And over the course of that time, I’ve penned over 13+ books (and I’m planning to publish so many more). Now, I realized when people come across my books or my social media profile, they don’t know where to begin from. In order to make it easier on them, I decided to write a bookish guide for you - based on your choice of poison. Buckle up, pour our favourite drink, and let’s get started.

The Secret Proposal - Hot Chocolate

If you are a fan of Hot Chocolate, then my debut novel, The Secret Proposal, is the perfect read for you. While the characters are in their early to late twenties, I was just turning twenty. It’s a saccharine-sweet romance and pushes the boundaries on will-they won’t-they. Over the years I’ve discovered teens and young adults are fans of this book. Even today, I get queries in my messages asking me what happened to Veer and Jasmine.

I did give in and continued the story in Princes & Promises, a long short story set in the same universe. The sequel, Hook, Line and Sinker, also takes their story forward and gives it a fitting ending. Whether this series will continue to tell Veer and Jasmine’s story, time will tell. But, if you are invested and want to know about this universe - do sign up for The Secret Proposal Universe Newsletter.

The Guitar Girl - Hazelnut Latte

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Rhea Shah refused to leave my mind even as I struggled to find her story home with publishers. This was my first journey into Kindle Direct Publishing. I knew nothing about formatting. Nothing about proofreading and editing books on your own. All I knew was I had a story to tell, and wanted the world to hear it. In hindsight, it wasn’t the brightest idea I’d ever had. Anyway. If you’re a fan of the Hazelnut Latte, The Guitar Girl is the perfect match for you. Cute and fuzzy, with the brother’s best friend trope playing out well through the story, this is a perfect little read during a cozy winter afternoon.

When Our Worlds Collide - Masala Chai

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What’s life without a little bit of spice to it? If you’re looking to read a story about an ambitious young entrepreneur and her little moral dilemma of liking someone who’s already in a relationship - this book is for you. Akriti and Zayn would be ideal companions as you rest in the evening with a cup of masala chai. Their spicy banter is everything you need after a long day at work!

An Awfully BIG Adventure - Lemon Iced Tea

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Looking for an early morning binge read while you sip on your lemon iced tea, and look out into the world from the windows of a quaint cafe? Look no further. An Awfully BIG Adventure (heavily inspired by the fairy tales I read growing up) will take you on a magic carpet ride of a lifetime. Stepsiblings Yoshita and Tanay have nothing in common except being a blended family. They are forced to put aside their differences and have each other’s backs when things go awry during their little magical adventure. It’s a quick read, I’ll admit. But it’ll leave you feeling happy and wanting to know what happens next!

All Signs Lead Back to You - Wine

Growing up is hard to do. But it’s even harder when you are convinced your friends will not be around when you’re going through the toughest times of your life. All Signs Lead Back to You is the novella that you need to curl up with your choice of red or white wine - because that’s the most grownup thing I can think of drinking - post-dinner. Diya and Ashwin are going to take you on the rollercoaster ride of your dreams. I promise you, the story will leave you questioning if first love really does deserve a second chance.

When Our Worlds Meet Again - Cosmopolitan

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If we have to meet Akriti and Zayn, two years after the events of When Our Worlds Collide, in this book, then the best thing to pair that story with is a Cosmopolitan. Because it will be bittersweet to meet these characters again. Things have changed. Feelings, not so much. Your afternoon lunch should be with these amazing characters, and of course, a glass or two of Cosmo.

The Backyard Tales - Mojito

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Who wouldn’t want a minty refreshing break, curl up with a story that promises action-adventure, spunky heroines, and talking cats! We all know the world would be a better place if cats could talk. So, here’s the thing: grab your Mojito, get yourself a copy of The Backyard Tales, and just chill out over the weekend enjoying this fast-paced story about a young girl who’s the champion for street cats, especially her own cat, Pippo, all the while fighting a force bigger than them all and uncovering a secret that was buried deep in the past.

Raashi Ghoshal Will Find Her Prince Charming - Long Island Iced Tea

Bored at work? Order up some Long Island Iced Tea (ensure the smell is masked though) and grab your copy of this wild New Adult dramedy - Raashi Ghoshal Will Find Her Prince Charming. Just as the cocktail is supposed to give you the illusion of having iced tea while you’re really sipping alcohol - the story of Raashi Ghoshal is almost the same way. A woman in her late twenties has moved out of her hometown and comfort zone, only to find out she’s not at all as put together as she had once believed herself to be. Obsessed with finding Prince Charming and convinced all of life’s problems go away once you find love - Raashi will take you on a hilarious little reality check called life. It’s a good book to read when you’re hanging out by yourself at the bar, waiting for your ever-late friends to arrive.

These are the 8 novels that I’ve written and published since 2012. I have got a few more up my sleeve, and you guys should really come to check out part two in a few months. If you’ve read my books - which do you like? And which drink do you think pairs the best with my novels? Tell me in the comments.


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