#BookReview: When Fate Conspires by Purvi Mehta


About the Book:

Neel, a young dynamic charmer, lives a life designed by the hands of luck. When he recruits a talented young designer, she walks not just into his office, but also into his heart. His own committed status and her disinterest in him rocks his life and sways his sanity.
To top it all, life curates customized twists for each one of them along the path. Ruled by passion, dedication, manipulation and hatred, will their fates sink them in their own emotional tsunamis?

About the Author:

Purvi Mehta is an educator, trainer and coach. Passionately associated with the field of academics for 24 plus years, she has mentored a multitude of students and teachers. Her love for art, philosophy, reading and her students, continues to inspire her. She lives in Surat with her husband and daughter.

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The Review:

It has been a while since I’ve read a slow burn romance. But Purvi Mehta’s novel, When Fate Conspires is the perfect example for this genre. It was quite a long read but what caught and kept my attention was the will they, won’t they that was introduced early on in the novel.

Brownie points for the cover being intriguing, as well. It really helped us make the decision to pick up the book.

The story doesn’t take away from the fact that Rashi is brilliant at her job, and Neel is enamoured by her skills. It is refreshing to see that the female lead wasn’t reduced to just a love interest but hold her own – even when things went south. There was an interesting cast of minor characters who played their parts to help the story move forwards

Something I’ve always struggled with in both writing and reading are love triangles. This conflict has been well done in When Fate Conspires. Neel is torn between his growing affection towards Rashi and his sense of duty towards Tia, who he is in a long distance relationship with.

We don’t want to reveal too much about the story lest we give away the plot twists that make this slow burn romances one of our good reads. But we highly recommend this book if you like reading romances and prefer the story to unfold slowly. This is a perfect long weekend read, paired with a cup of chai or coffee.



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