#BookReview: Btw I Want My Cat Back by Saurabh Sharma & Divya Anandani


Book Blurb:

How many stories have you read where the characters fall in love and then breakup. But have you ever read a story where it begins with the breakup! Ritika and Abhay are in an extreme fight, and ends up breaking their relationship with each other. But is that the end? If not then what follows next? Read to be a part of the discussions of break up and more in between Ritika and Abhay. 

The Review:

Available as a Kindle eBook, Btw I Want My Cat Back is one of the bittersweet tales that I’ve come across. It’s a short and sweet narration of what happens when a couple who has fallen apart realizes that they can no longer run away from the truth!

Told in a seamless, back and forth narration, you go through Abhay and Ritika’s journey in just 30-odd pages. And while the story’s blurb suggests that things not end happily ever after it’s the plot twist that will make you want to call up the authors and yell at them for leaving you with such a cliffhanger!!!

Our verdict: this is a perfect weekend read and you should add it to your Kindle library. Read it on your web browser or your phone. It would be the perfect story to binge on when you’re travelling somewhere for an hour or so and don’t want to be disturbed.

Get Your Copy: https://amzn.to/3qGt6os


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