10 Quotes by Neil Gaiman to help start the New Year

Neil Gaiman is undoubtedly one of the best writers of our times. It is 19 days into 2020 and here's a look at ten of his most famous quotes.

Here's hoping these bring you happiness and peace and helps you make a map towards the place where you most what to be at by the end of the year!

1. When he was encouraging writers to put their heart and soul into writing

2. When he offered advice on the kind of stories that needed to be written 

3. When he sorted out the priorities for writers 

4. When he got real about finishing your stories 

5. When he took away all romanticism associated with writing 

6. When told people to take risks...because they would eventually pay off 

7. When he encouraged people to see their dreams through

8. When he told writers to stick with their stories until the very end 

9. When he told people that only they can know their stories...no one else can do it for them 

10. Finally, when he made the most epic New Year's wish of all 


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