Poem: Thoughts Running Riot at 3 am

It’s 3 am.
A time for writers. Poets and artists to be awake.
I think they forgot one more category.
Of people who are lonely.
And people who are in love.
They say it cannot be told which one is worse.
But I can tell you which one might be the worst.
The ones in love and still feel lonely.
Wouldn’t you rather be alone,
Than be lonely?

It’s 3 am.
And a broken-hearted girl is trying to sleep.
But the sound of her own tears is keeping her awake.
Too many thoughts are running riot in her mind.
And too many voices are screaming at her.
Tell me then, if these voices are there –
How can she say she’s alone?
There’s always the voices.

It’s 3 am.
And all anyone wants is to talk to someone.
Crave a human voice.
But there are nights like these when you just
Have to face your loneliness alone.

It’s 3 am.
And it’s just completely sad.
That a girl who has the world at her finger tips
Wants nothing more than someone
In this unforgiving world to just listen to her.

It’s 3 am.
The time for people to be vulnerable, real, and
Unapologetically themselves.
Once upon a time someone was there keeping you 
company and made you forget
How to survive being alone.
And now they’re gone.
You’re left grappling with your loneliness.

But don’t you worry.
There will be many more nights of 3 am.
And slowly, you’ll go back
to being comfortably alone.
No longer needing to fight your loneliness.


  1. I m never into poetry but some poems are like meant for you. They are pieces of writing you can relate to you feel to it. I m absolutely loving your poem.


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