Musing: Of wishes, realizations and Motivational Mondays

Dear People who believe I write really good advice,
This post is completely dedicated to you. :) 

I turned 26 this Saturday and I had at least 5 revelations that would love to share with you guys. Of course you might not agree with me. But remember I look at life through my personal experiences. I do not wish to see it the way you see it, and I would never allow you to judge life from my experience. 

Every single human being is absolutely different from each other.

1. Let It Go! - Whether it is a person, situation, memory, if it does not serve you and does not make you happy you have to just let it go. Holding on to things because they had been a huge part of your life once upon a time is just holding yourself back from growing. Time is not a measure of friendship no matter what the psychologists tell you. You need to surround yourself with people who will love you and help you grow. Not with people who are stuck ten years into the past. Neither should you entertain Negative Nellies. Imagine having won a freaking Oscar trying to share that happiness with a friend who only has something very negative to say. Do not listen to someone telling you about all the bad things that has has been happening to them and how they think they are victimized. If you believe in the law of attraction you already know that they are the root cause of all their problems. You do not need to get sucked into their pointless drama.

2. Put Yourself First - Unfortunately when we were being brought up to speak well of ourselves, to make sure we were happy was paralleled with being inherently selfish. But there is a difference between having a healthy self image and being conceited. Remember unless you are truly happy on the inside nothing that happens on the outside would feel good enough. One of the best ways to ensure that you are truly happy is to indulge yourself. Because let's face it - if you do not learn to love yourself, no one else will. If you secretly wanted to become a dancer, take dance lessons. If you always wanted to have your own cook show, start a YouTube channel and teach millions out there how to cook. If you wanted to write a story, what is stopping you?? You can do anything you put your mind to. Just learn to believe in yourself. And yes, put yourself first. If you do not want to meet somone, don't. If you realize that a promise your naive fifteen year old self made is really affecting your twenty something self, revise the promise. Sometimes, it's not worth holding on to your end of the bargain - if the other person involved does not seem to be holding theirs, and takes you for granted.

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3. Don't Stop Believing - The older we get, the more we start coming in terms with life. But growing up does not necessarily have to mean that you stop believing in things and become cynical. Being wise is different than becoming a non-believer. I may be twenty six but I believe in ridiclous things. And most of the time everything that I believe in finds its way towards me. That is how life should be, you know. Life is a magical experience. You do not have to grow a cold heart to show people how wise you have become. You could become all grown up and still believe in magic.

4. Things Will Change, Accept It - This almost echoes what was discussed in the first point. But, you should not feel guilty about distancing yourself or cutting yourself from certain people. Yes, you maybe fond of them and yes you might have even grown up with them. But ask yourself if there is a point in letting someone drain your out emotionally? Don't you have enough things to go through in a day? Why would you come back to something that makes you feel all the more anxious and depressed? I read an article last night that said that if you are only friends with the people who were there in your first year of college, it does not say much about your personal growth. No matter how many friends you may have had, keep making new ones. Because you will never know what you have been missing unless you experience it. And run to the hills if a "friend" tries to put you in a box and does not help you grow. Of course they will never see their mistakes and try to put on guilt trips. Remember even if one day you wake up and there is no one, there is one person who will never leave you: YOU.

5. Take A ME-DAY At Least Once A Month: Every month has 4 Sundays. Declare one of them to be a ME DAY. I do not care how you choose to spend it, as long as you choosed to spend it with yourself. Turning 26 makes you realize that you need to work on yourself to become the best possible version of you.

In conclusion, I grew up and became a lot happier than I should have been the day I turned 26. Of course I still have my highs and lows, but the highs are a lot more now. And I have decided that I will post at least one positive message on my blog in the week, even if I miss the Mondays. I also learned that if you are brave enough to wish for things, the Universe delivers it to you.

Love from,


  1. <3 You make me feel good. Thanks.

  2. i really needed this <3 everytime i read your blog it makes me happy <3 :) thank you so much for such an inspiring post :)


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