Singapore Diaries: Of Bicycle Rides & Coffee Evenings

East Coast Park, as the Sun goes down...
Every time someone asks me what have I been doing while my sister and brother-in-law are busy at work, I say...I'm busy with my own work. And when I finish working (or just want a break), I often walk down to the East Coast Park and spend a good amount of time there.

This week, I think I even stayed there till 8:30 pm one time. Because the place really is beautiful. And I get to ride a bicycle in peace. Something I've missed doing over the last few years of growing up...

It really did feel like I was a kid again....riding the bicycle, with the wind rushing past. Apparently if you learn to ride a bike, you are never going to forget it. No wonder it felt so wonderful...

The Bicycle 

I insisted on this bike because I was not really sure if I would remember to balance myself. It turns out, I did remember. And quite well at that. It was one of the best evenings here... 

We did go out for movies, and dinner, and lunch...they have always been nice. But the whole riding the bike along the east coast, being able to gaze out into the ocean...surely takes the cake. 

Another really nice thing about yesterday evening was finally being able to meet the Coup d'East (the bloggers group I happen to keep raving about) Captain, Prashanth for coffee. (And Teriyaki Chicken and Potato skin!)

With Prashanth

I guess by now I've met the maximum number of my team mates, and the numbers only go higher up.

Singapore is proving to be fun. And I hope to have even more fun by the end of this week...

It is quite a big deal for me, anyway.

Let's see.

So far the trip has been great. I've not done the touristy things because apparently we have covered everything before...

Until next time.
Take care, everyone!


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