Book Review: It's Never Too Late by Priyanka Baranwal

Details About the Book:

Book Cover

PublisherSrishti Publishers & Distributors
No. Of Pages192
Date of Publication2013-12-26
ISBN 139789382665083
ISBN 109382665080
Year Of Publication2013
AuthorPrice: Rs 150 (I got mine as a review copy)

About the Book:

In a nation where most women are taught to be submissive atevery stage in life, Maya stands out. In a society that finds fault in women for heinous crimes like rape, Maya stands up.Maya and Rajat fall in love while they study at IIT Kanpur;their daughter Sejal only makes the bond stronger even after years of marriage. Life is almost perfect when two petty criminals decide to make her fairytale life a tale of horror and fear with their intention of molesting her.Will she be able to fight her fate while Rajat is away and save herself and her five-year-old? Will she be able to undo all stereotypes and face the male-dominated society after that fateful night?Will Rajat stand up with her as she decides to battle her fears and take the culprits to their just punishment?It’s Never Too Late is a story of every woman who decides to fight her fears and even destiny; of every human who chooses the right over the easy; of every wife who shoulders all responsibilities of the house; and of every mother who is unwavering in her resolve to ensure that her daughter grows up in a safer world.

About the Author:

Priyanka Baranwal
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Priyanka Baranwal is a freelance writer, poet and blogger. She is a science graduate anda diploma holder in Teacher Training and Textile Designing. She has been awell-appreciated teacher and has also worked with an NGO in Bangalore. She lovesmusic, literature, writing, and travelling.
Originally from Mirzapur (U.P.), Priyanka now lives with her husband Sumit andson Ashmit in Bangalore. It’s Never Too Late is her debut novel.
 You can connect with her on Twitter (@AuthorPriyanka),Facebook (/AuthorPriyankaBaranwal;/PriyankaItsNeverTooLate),or her blog

The Review:

Debutante writer, Priyanka Baranwal chose a theme that the nation seems to be feeding off right now. With countless unresolved rape cases and molestation cases coming into the limelight thanks to the media coverage and shows like Satyamev Jayate, the safety of the Indian women in their own country has become questionable. 

I still remember what Aamir Khan said at the end of the episode, "the ones committing these heinous crimes in our country is less than 1%...then how can they get away with it?" That question has been haunting me ever since...that particular episode instilled so much of fear in my mother, that when I went out that day, she kept on texting me and asking me where I was, every half an hour. Something she has never done before. And something which made me wonder why I have to be the one living in fear of something bad happening to me, when this is MY city! But that's a personal musing...

Coming to Priyanka Baranwal's story I want to make a confession first. When the book had arrived, I read the back blurb right before falling asleep. That night I had dreamed that I was the one being chased by goons, and I was being harassed....and of course I woke up, because I'd broken into cold sweat. I saw the book lying next to my pillow and had the mad urge to fling the book across my room. I kept wondering if the blurb could affect me so much, what would the rest of the story do?

Nevertheless I braved the book and I read it. The story is realistically written, and I do appreciate the fact Maya's story begins from the time she is in college and goes on from there to one night, when her life turned upside down. The twists and turns are well written... But I will admit to having nightmares. And it only goes to show how well Baranwal can write, to instill such emotions in her readers. 

Being fiction, the necessary end of the story is found. I do say kudos to the writer for tackling such an issue in her book. I sincerely hope it gives women who have been wronged in any way to stand up to the ones who've wronged them. It is unfortunate that even today our society leans towards patriarchy. Women are just as good as men, and a hell lot stronger too, just as Maya proves to be in Priyanka Baranwal's debut novel. 

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see justice being served albeit in fiction, and has a record of having dreamless sleeps. 

This review was written for Writers Melon.


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