The Last Poem for You

Pages torn from the notebook,
Pages blotted, and pages with faded writing.
The pages of my old book,
So very inviting.

Do you remember when we shared our thoughts?
When our verses came out as replies?
Do you remember, that day, so long ago, when we realized time flies?

Words might have faded, but you remained behind.
Etched deep in my memory.

You left a part of you, when you left in a hurry.
I know, I know.
It was a passing phase and you passed right through.
For I was the fool, who waited awhile for you.

This is the last poem, the last words from me to you.
Smile, for I still remember, long ago, I had loved you.


  1. I love this one...the words...every time I read them...i see flashes from my own life running in front of my eyes like a motion picture...I love how lyrical and smooth the poem is :)

  2. thank you, Swarnali :D I'm glad you like the poem...It's a goodbye gift to a longtime muse :)

  3. Amar Kobita tui likhe dili :')
    though i am not able to write such a good poem in english, i would write it in Bengali if u wouldn't :')


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