Flash Fiction: Valentines Day

 The taxi went speeding past.

Nearly everyone on the street had to jump out of the way. The taxi driver didn't even bother to look back and see if he'd hurt anyone. If had turned back, he would've seen people shaking their fists at him, using words they'd normally avoid using. He was clinging to the wheel for dear life for he was convinced he'd boarded a crazy woman around ten minutes ago.

His passenger, the woman, was egging him on to go faster for she really need to catch a blue maruti speeding through the crowd, two cars ahead of them.

"Go, go, go!" the woman screamed, "Come on, I'll pay for your damages!"

The taxi driver chose not to point out that the only damage would be if he accidentally hit other cars or worse people. The woman was almost ready to strangle him. She couldn't make him understand how important it was for her to catch that damn blue car!

It was Valentine's Day and Sanchita was determined to profess her love for her college friend, Rohan, to him finally. She thought that if she waited another second he'd get taken by someone else for sure.

The driver of the blue car, Rohan, was oblivious to the fact that he was being followed, so he drove at his own sweet will. He got the shock of his life when the taxi pulled up next to him, and he heard a woman scream his name.

"Rohan! Rohan!"

He turned his head sideways and was surprised to find his old friend from college, Sanchita, practically falling out of the car window. He almost made to pull over, when the window of the passenger seat rolled down. Sanchita's face fell when she recognized the woman sitting at the back.

"Hi, Sanchita," she said, pleasantly.

It was her bitterest enemy from school, Tulip. She'd always managed to steal what Sanchita really wanted. Rohan seemed to be no exception. She couldn't figure out how Tulip managed to snag the guy from right under her nose. This was the most painful Valentine's Day for Sanchita.

She managed a smile and said, "Oh hey, Tulip."

"Do you want me to pull over, ma'am?" asked the taxi driver.

He didn't know much about the three but he could sense that this was a highly uncomfortable situation. Sanchita tore her eyes away from the blue car and said, "No, just drive me home."

She didn't know how her college and school friend crossed each others path. Right now, she couldn't even care. All she could care about was getting back home. Home, where everything would slowly make sense.


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