Just Another Love Story


Listen to the tears falling on the marble floor,
Listen to the sound (wham!) of the shutting door.
My love shall always cure
Your deceased heart!
My soul shall suffer for you
That poisonous dart!
Me sharing your pain is nothing new;
But only if you could understand how much I love you!


But if only you could realize
The pain behind these eyes
This girl's heart knows not love except for her friends.
She tried to love someone before
But she found that was where happiness ends.
Try to read her heart, and not her mind
Only confusion and bitterness you will find
Though she loves you a lot and cares for you,
Her heart will never be true!


I understand every bit of your soul
But I suffer from the pain!
Which is created by this black hole!
I want to live life
But it seems,
You're stabbing it with your problem's knife!
No matter how much I try,
You'll always make me cry!


She doesn't want to see you cry
Or watch you die,
Tell her how she can help you
Real friends in this world are few...
I don't want you to give up on life,
Because of me,
This isn't the way to be free!


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