Be Still, My Broken Heart - II

It's a vicious cycle;
Perhaps poisoned too -
But then, how was I to know?
That things would keep changing; even if I don't want!

Every time I came out of love,
My mind grew strong-
But with each encounter
My heart has grown weak.

Even the slightest flick,
makes it crumble to dust.
The cruel voices all around;
makes it difficult to trust.

Yet those who are valued most;
Allowed to catch the glimpses of the broken heart-
Are the ones who trample it with words,
Which wrenches my mind apart.

The funny thing is that they have witnessed
Me - at my vulnerable best.
But at any given opportunity;
Nothing sets them apart from the rest.

Funny, that they had claimed
Never to say or do things which hurt -
But hey, who can resist temptation,
At least once in awhile?

So you find moments when the
tears threaten to fall....
And the walls that you had built;
Crumbles down and you don't even call.

Call out for help or ask for it;
It feels like you knew this was going to come your way -
You are only glad that this,
Doesn't happen everyday.

Broken smiles are a way of life;
You don't even mind the aching pain that sometimes starts.
You only grin, place a hand and whisper in the dark....
"You be still, my broken heart."


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