Singapore Diaries: East Coast Park & A New Friend

Last week when I got bored out of my mind, and decided to do a bit of exploring of my own. And in some stroke of miracle I found the way out of this beautiful maze Didi and Satyaki da live in called Villa Marina. Then my GPS took me to the East Coast Park. So I had walk for 19 minutes. Well, big deal. I still haven't hired a bike and rode around the park yet. I keep saying, "I'll do it tomorrow." But tomorrow, sadly, has not arrived yet.

East Coast Park...looking at the ocean I kind of walked as far I dared to stray. (Yes, I'm a little bad with directions. So I was careful. I will still be careful when I go biking either tomorrow or day after. Let's see.)

Walking around the ECP last  week...

And then, when I was on my way back from getting dinner. I made a new friend...

I had been missing Pippo a lot. So I thought maybe it was the Universe's way of telling me that there are other friendly cats around too. I just never seem to notice them. Isn't that funny?

I really hope I run into him again! :)


  1. You seem to be having a lovely time... and I love that furry friend of yours. :)


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