Musings: An Ex-Student Talks About #hokkolorob

I have been away from home since 23rd August, but that does not mean that news does not reach me. I have hardly ever used my Facebook page or my blog for anything other than creative purposes. But what happened on the night of 16th September is unforgivable. It made me think when I have a platform to voice my feelings, I should bloody well use it. After all, we want to be heard. What better way to do it than broadcast my thoughts on this blog of mine?

Since I have not been present remotely in the city, I asked my friend, Indrani, to guest post for me.We went to college together for five years. We became the best of friends. And never in our time together we have never experienced something as heinous as the 16th September night And this particular incident has left us both shocked beyond words. Still, on my request, the following are her words and her feelings about the whole matter:

Jadavpur University, the name that floods my mind with sweetest of memories. 5 most important years of my life I've spent there made friends, best of friends... 
Silent witness to history, glory, inventions, discoveries, cultural and social revolutions is my University. The music of life plays throughout the sprawling premise. every day tons of students, friends, people, musicians, artists, dreamers gather here the energy is perennially bustling...And finally the fest each student in the University wait for this week of pure festive joy that one of the greatest Cultural fests of Kolkata sees, Sanksriti, organized by the AFSU/FETSU each year.
A young couple without harming any soul any where were simply on their own. I am not going into any moral policing here about what one should do, one should not. A bunch of hostel students,drunk in their own ideologies wanted to teach this couple a lesson and how did they do that? 
By dragging the girl inside the hostel and attacking her physically. Abuses, molestation, wild violent thrashings continued for God knows how long
And the girl wanted justice.....justice is probably the most widely used yet abused word in the current state of conditions in our beloved state
The respected VICE chancellor ├žouldn't'take any action at that point of time
no one knows why. What's better he wanted the victim to be out of the campus and not even near the gates ( how we all know she is the masked monster lurking around the campus and not the bunch of scoundrels who shamelessly pounced on her) { here am at a loss of words}and when the students decided to stand against this horrible, inefficient, ass-licking, political puppetry, all hell broke loose within 7 hours of 'gherao' and peaceful protest ( I repeat- peaceful, all that these students had were musical instruments and slogans as weapons) the VC came up with  this brilliant plan of killing it down by calling up police (read goons in green ganji) at the dead of night when these students were peacefully , calmly protesting against the crime. The police stormed in the University gates when suddenly lights went off ( let me tell you here, being a student of the University for 5 years, the electric switches for lights is essentially inside the VC) office and in that darkness at odd hours of night lashes broke out on innocent, unarmed students where so many of them were beaten to pulp, they were shocked, traumatized, girls were groped, dragged by the breast, beaten up...
          Guys, lets use a little bit of common sense:
These students cannot really attack the goons or hulk for policemen sent to the campus also, in support of my writing, kindly refer to TOI coverage of the incidents and the flurry of videos that depict the truth. This is ghastly. For humanity's sake this is one of the esteemed Universities of the State where students come to make friends, learn, enjoy and realize the spirit of youth. This is meant to be safe, this is meant to be peaceful after all these an institution where knowledge is believed to pass down through generations where bonds between teachers and students are meant to last for eternity cannot have a a cruel, inhuman, criminal in the name of VC.  
Kindly sign the petition and get the pain in the name of VC out of the post and out of this beautiful center of education
Here I request all of you to come together in solidarity with the bravest of brave students of JU and help them get the much deserved justice!

Please click on the above link, and sign the petition. As a human being, as a student of JU, I request everyone to sign the petition.
If anyone else wants to guest blog post and spread more awareness about #hokkolorob, do get in touch with me. Thank you, guys. And do remember to sign the petition.


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