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#BookReview: When Fate Conspires by Purvi Mehta

  About the Book: Neel, a young dynamic charmer, lives a life designed by the hands of luck. When he recruits a talented young designer, she walks not just into his office, but also into his heart. His own committed status and her disinterest in him rocks his life and sways his sanity. To top it all, life curates customized twists for each one of them along the path. Ruled by passion, dedication, manipulation and hatred, will their fates sink them in their own emotional tsunamis? About the Author: Purvi Mehta  is an educator, trainer and coach. Passionately associated with the field of academics for 24 plus years, she has mentored a multitude of students and teachers. Her love for art, philosophy, reading and her students, continues to inspire her. She lives in Surat with her husband and daughter. Follow Purvi Mehta on Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter  The Review: It has been a while since I’ve read a slow burn romance. But Purvi Mehta’s novel, When Fate Conspire

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