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How to Say ‘I Love You’ Out Loud - #AValentinesDayTreat by Aniesha Brahma

“You know, if you’d told me I’d be living in Mumbai on my own even a year ago, I would’ve laughed at you,” I told my stepbrother Riley, as we walked the length of Marine Drive, sipping on our chai.  “Hey, one year ago I didn’t believe anything would’ve made you give up your beloved café and your hometown,” he admitted, “But I’m super glad you’re here, sis. I was beginning to feel lonely.” I linked my arms with his and leaning slightly into him said, “And that is why I decided to give my half of the business back to my mother and make a fresh start.” It has been widely believed that one can reinvent themselves as many times as there are cities in the world. So when I got tired of the world I had lived in for almost twenty nine years, I decided to give myself a break and start over again. While people romanticise being completely on your own, what they fail to tell you is that sometimes the loneliness gets to you. Sometimes it gets to you in such a way that you tend to fall back into old p…

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