7 Signs You Have a Crush (AGAIN!)

If you've seen 16 Candles, you are all too familiar with the scene of Molly Ringwald's character being told that crushes are meant to hurt. It would be called something else if it didn't. And even at the threshold of thirty, we sometimes realize that crushes can catch you by surprise, out of the blue, when you least expect them. Here are seven signs that you might just be crushing on someone... (AGAIN!)

1. When You Randomly Miss Them 

2. The Great Textpectations 

3. Easy Conversations 

4. Only Person Who Understands Your Love for Tea 

5. You're Super Excited to Tell Each Other about Your GREAT IDEAS

6. You Constantly Remind Yourself It's Just a Friendship 

7. And without even realizing it, you're humming songs all the time

Did any of these seven scenarios seem familiar to you? Let us know in the comments! 

Script: Yours truly 
Illustrator: Shushant Verma  

"I create humane designs and believe that technology understands the users rather than users adapting to it. I’m passionate about experience design and I aim to solve complex problems with simple design solutions. 

I like being up to date with the latest trends and would like to live in a world where meaningful design becomes the backbone of our lives."


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