8 Thoughts I Had Re-reading The Secret Proposal 8 Years Later

I have established it well enough by now that a twenty-one year old, trying to vicariously live through her characters would make a few mistakes. Jasmine and Veer continue to be people I love to hate. And The Secret Proposal happens to be my labour of love, who I am convinced could have been so much better. So, so much. Anyway - here are 8 random thoughts that popped into my head while re-reading my debut novel again.

1. Shot! Shots! Shots!

Chocolate brown eyes can easily become a drinking game 😂 The number of time I mentioned it in the book. (Must have been yet another YA-trope of the times) Also, if you do play this game - be warned you might tipsy by the time you finish reading the book.

2. Runaway Girl

Larissa runs away from her problems a little too much and ends back right back on square one; reinforcing the whole thought that you can't outrun your problems.

3. Age Difference

It's still creepy to think a 17 year old liking a 13 year old. I love how it becomes so much easier to think about when they're both in their 20s!

4. Money, money, money....

How rich are these kids? Also, how many parties do they go to?

5. Larissa / Jasmine is a little full of herself...

Sure, sure, Larissa - the whole world is fighting over you. You're the new Bella Swan.


Erm...I thought you were pretending to faint. How did you faint three times back to back?

7. Pretty, pretty terrace... 😍

What's up with all these terrace scenes, man? I want to go to a terrace so bad.

8. *Sigh*

Wow. Just wow. This could have been such a great story. But it's okay. Not bad for a kid in college. You got better with time. And I am so proud of you. Keep up the good word!


  1. I enjoyed this post! It's interesting reflecting on your own work but I'm often so critical; this taught me to see the positives and be kinder. Look forward to more posts!

    1. Thanks, Natalie. <3 My first book recently got a LOT of attention. And I had to check it out to find out what the hullabaloo for the whole thing was :D Hence, I re-read the book - and here's the result of me reading it again.

  2. This book is a hit not just a hit it's a superhit book for me I was even imagining things happen The best part for me was when Veer said "I love you Jasmine I always have and I always will.Please don't say goodbye"and Jasmine ran and hugged him(I didn't knew that I'll remember this for so long,actually this line is my favourite from the whole book) I have read it twice for now but I'll surely be reading it more.I love this book and I love you for writing this book.All the best for your future!!


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