Book Review: A Scandalous Proposition by M M George

by M.M. George 

Source: GoodReads/A Scandalous Proposition Page 

Publisher: IndiReads
Date: 2013 

Format: E-Book 
Link: GoodReads  Amazon 
Price: I got mine as a part of a giveaway! 


“What is your price, Mira?”
“You’ll never be able to afford it!”

Feisty, small-town girl Mira Talwar is just finding her feet in Delhi when she encounters the hottest bachelor in the country, Ranbir Dewan. The sparks flying between them sizzle with sexual tension, but when Ranbir puts a scandalous proposition before her, she turns him down spiritedly.

However, they have to work together to engineer a happy ending for their siblings, who have fallen madly in love but are too afraid to tell their respective families. The plan they cook up throws them more and more into each other’s company.

Can Mira overlook Ranbir’s indecent proposal and give love a chance?

About the Author: 

Get a copy of the book and you'll find out about the author! ;-)


I got interested in A Scandalous Proposition by M M George ever since the IndiReads page began promoting the book. When they announced the giveaway, I entered hoping to get my hands on a copy.

I downloaded my free e-pub version yesterday and loaded it to my Nook Book. And within a couple of hours I'd finished reading the breezy novella penned by M M George.

The story is quite simple, fast paced and reminded me of the Hindi soap operas - with the middle class, high morale female and the archetypal alpha male in the lead. They rub each other the wrong way and their bickering is funny to read.

Even though the end is predictable it's quite funny to follow Ranbir and Mira as they keep crossing paths. And while they claim to dislike one another, they are both strongly attracted to each other.

Because it is a novella only the protagonists' characters are deeply explored. Other characters are presented only to act as catalysts towards the duo's inevitable ending: the happily ever after.

This book is a must-read for the fans of romance genre! 


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