The Boy and His Camera... :)

The way he looks at the world, is not how
you or I would see it...
From behind the lens - he seems to see
things that do not come to our mind -
Or things that we see and choose to ignore...
Or things that are there, yet beyond the veil.
Perhaps he can see it better.
More clearly.
Than any one of us.

On the surface he seems like us,
a part of us -
very much ordinary.
And yet there is this spark, this hint of difference.
Shown through those images,
that he captures through that lens
and I try to understand. And at times fail.

What he tries is to take his feelings -
sometimes venting with the help of his ink,
and others through those pictures.
The pictures taken, sometimes in jest and sometimes serious.
And some others stolen -
perhaps from the time, when he thinks no is looking.

Little attention that he pays,
and tries to modify his visions - at times painstakingly
for days...
Behind those images, beyond those visions
that he likes to keep captured,
is perhaps the heart,
the realness of the boy.

Forcing himself to grow up,
Realizing life is not Neverland....
and beginning to accept, and dance,
to the tunes life plays.

The only means of escape then remains,
that camera, the way he sees the world...
Those very lens.
Through which even we can peer,
but what would appear (to him)
would never to us!!!


  1. oyyyy :-) :-)
    ami ato valo noi re :-(
    btw... the poem is a beautiful and crazy one :-) :-) <3 it a lottttt

  2. Nice post and an overall nice blog. Keep writing.


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