Musing: When and How Pippo Came Home...

My blog readers would remember that I had ranted about my cat, Pippo, leaving me not too long ago on my blog. I know most of you know by now that he has finally come home and arrangements have been made so that he can come and go as he pleases. But I have deprived most of the whole story - of when and how Mr Pippo Brahma, decided to sway his way home.

Totally Filmy Entry - Mr Pippo 

After I had ranted on my blog, being the dutiful sister, when I heard some pathetic meowing at night, I woke my mother and my uncle, thinking Pippo to be in trouble. We were all worried that the "house cat" would not be able to survive in the big, bad world... the scene that greeted our eyes was nothing less than pathetic but funny... Pippo was the one growling at another cat, having cornered was the other cat that had been crying for help. I was too startled to react at first...then began the endless flying up and down the staircase, fetching umbrellas, fetching mugs of water, a box of stones...anything to pry those two fighting male cats from each uncle finally made the brown cat go away, and Pippo disappeared into the night. We waited for sometime, and then came back home.

I went back to look for Pippo the next day, with my torch in tow. Sadly, I forgot the umbrella this time. I found him at the unused backyard of our house. I remember the time when I would be playing with my friends, and we'd dare each other to go the backyard, which was supposedly "haunted." Truth is, no one has the time to maintain it, so it just has become a wilderness of sorts. I flashed the light, and a pair of yellow eyes stared back at me. Which barely came up to my ankle...and then it darted towards me like a bullet. Yeah, I've experienced Pippo's sharp teeth one, I was in mood to go through that again. I turned heel and came back home.

"Did you see Pippo?" my mother asked me. She was sitting in our living room, tending you her injured feet.
"He'll come home," I said, shortly.

Well he didn't. We spied him the next day sleeping one of the window roofs in the building, right under our kitchen. He didn't wake up, until my mother went into the kitchen to warm our food. The familiar sound of the microwave must have brought back memories, and the realization that his stomach was rumbling with hunger...

He meowed indignantly, and continuously, till my mother called out of the kitchen window, "Do you want to eat, Pippo?"
When more another "meow" came as the reply, my mother brought his food down to him. Pippo refused to come near her, fearing she'd trap him and lock in the house he came around to his food, only whe he was sure the coast was quite clear. He ate and he left. It wasn't until the rain came pelting down, dripping him to the tip of his tail, that he realize what he'd left behind.

When the first copy at landed on my

"When Pippo comes home," my mother announced the next day, "I had decided to keep our main door slightly ajar, and to lock our collapsible gate. That way Pippo can come and go as he pleases."

"Let His Majesty come home first," I replied, rolling my eyes.

It was Saturday, that Pippo finally decided to grace us with his presence. I had to go to college, and before opening the door, I heard someone meowing indignantly, right outside our door. Of course, it was Pippo. Perched on the window of the landing - looking at the house, and screaming, "" Almost as though he was calling for my mother.

Pippo with Mummy 

"Ma, your son has come home," I yelled, while opening the door, the greeting the very indignant and hungry cat, "Hello, Pippo....are you finally coming home?"

Unfortunately I had to leave for university. But my mother later told me, she'd first made Pippo eat outside the house. He was too hungry to protest. When he'd filled his tummy, he looked at them, as if wondering why he had been denied entry into the house...skipped inside, and happily settled down in his favorite corner...(Between my room and the living room).

And then, he left again. The doorway has been arranged in the way my mother had thought it out to now, Pippo can really come and go as and when he pleases. Thankfully his bad mood is gone, and he did find a very pretty mate for himself. I prefer calling her his wife though...her name is Zorro.

The First Night, after he came back home...

For now, Pippo comes home early in the morning, sleeps for awhile and then wakes up my mother at 5 am. He eats his breakfast, then finds a corner where he can sleep in peace for sometime. He goes out during the time I leave for either university or work, and comes home for lunch...after lunch, he sits patiently under the table, waiting for us to finish our meal...then either sleeps in that room or follows my mother to wherever she settles down for the afternoon.

At times he goes out in the evening, and others he doesn't. But he comes back when he senses we're about to sit down for dinner. He finishes his dinner before any one of us, and then promptly settles down for his siesta. He goes out around 1:30 am, and wanders back home around 4 am... If I am awake at 1:30 am, he comes into my room, and meows at me. I am guessing, that's his way of letting me know that he's going to go out for awhile. . .

When he didn't have access to the great outdoors...

So he didn't turn out to be a house cat. But he learned to go do his business outside. Although his litter box is of no use, but he won't let anyone remove it. He still checks that it is there every morning.

Pippo might be dividing his time between us and the world outside now, but I am happy with that. He needed to go out and see the world for himself. And I? I needed to test my faith...I let him go. And he was meant to be our cat - so he came back.

Goes to show, all those rumors about cats...well, I chose not to believe them. I love you, Pippo. 

Welcome, Home.

We're Friends - Me with Pippo 

P.S. -  This blog post was written most because a fellow blogger wanted to know exactly what the drama had been regarding Pippo...and I said "long story"..."Well write a blog post about it? I'll read up" had been the answer...and so here I am, all finished with my third Pippo tale...I think there are going to be many more in the future!!! Fellow Blogger, I hope you read this post and like it a little too...


  1. well... pippo does look cute.. :)

  2. Very well written aniesha!
    Regards to pippo as well! :)

    1. Hi Nikhil...
      thank you :) and Pippo sends his regards as well ^_^

  3. and the Fellow Blogger likes it indeed.. And as for Pippo, it seems that baby's all grown up now and he's got to leave the household, to face the world on his own.. :)

    1. the baby's got into a lot of fights off late and has come home with cuts and bruises...I am worried about him :-/ *sighs*
      Thank you for stopping by! Glad you liked the post ^_^


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