Poem: A Birthday Acrostic

I wrote this poem last year, because I never thought I wouldn't be sending it to the person it really is for. I know I didn't wish you this year...well, not to your face. But well, I kept thinking of you throughout your special day. Happy Birthday, anyway. 

I know you don't really
Look forward to this day, and,
Over the year, I realize there's nothing
Very special about it either.
Everyone calling, posting and wishing
You. And you smile through it, say, "Thank you".
Once, twice, thrice....I have stopped counting now.
Underneath the stars, where I know we'd once lay...
Arms around my shoulder, and head resting peacefully,
Rolling around, laughing, and simply enjoying life.
Going the distance, if need ever be, and then I'd say, softly,
Happy Birthday. To the most amazing person I've come across.
On your special day...may all your wishes come true.[ Figure out this poem, too!!]


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