Poem: Acrostic :)

You knocked on my window, when I'd shut myself out from the world.
On second thoughts, I decided that tonight to be one silly girl.
Under the watchful eyes of the moon and the twinkling stars,
A friend seemed to need help, because he was coming back from the bar.
Really! I didn't know it that night, that you'd wake the next morning and not remember,
Even though the myth says that people only get this way in December.
And there I am again, the little fool that I've always been.
Just when I was getting used to a life alone, you had to come barging in.
As you walk by, you keep talking to me, making it almost a part of your day.
Cursing myself sometimes, because there's this stupid thing where you randomly come in and then go away.
Klutz, dramatic, unmindful....some of the words which just fit you so well.
And before this, I would wait....but now on these stupid thoughts I don't even have time to dwell.
So, I'd tell you now: if leading on and letting someone down is part of your stupid game,
Someone really, truly needs to tell you: you're just being lame!

P.S.- There's a hidden message in the poem. Brownie points to whoever finds it! ;)


  1. Okay ...so your hidden message is "YOU ARE A JACKASS"? ;) perfect :P yay!!! brownie points...accha do I get real brownies...as in how do I redeem my brownie points? :P

    1. Oh, absolutely... :) I'll make you brownies... and give them to you the next time I see you :D


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