Poem: The Other Side of the Story

 I said, "Leave," but all I really want is you
To stand outside my window, throwing pebbles, screaming, "I'm in love with you."
- Taylor Swift 

A lonely, quite afternoon.
So very perfect for loners and writers, like me.
But when mind draws a blank, 
I go back to our old conversations and then I see...
The Other Side of the Story.

In a blame game, 
When the first hour struck 
and I said this isn't my luck...
And I shut the door behind me 
But I never stopped to even look,
At the other side of the story.

On the side where you'd stayed, 
When I had screamed 
And no one really heard what I was saying
They just assumed the words,
And right then, I watched everything fade.

Voices rose out from clouds of dust,
You watched in confusion, 
From the other side of the story.
And back then, I admit it now, I forgot.

This afternoon, and last night,
When I read the words we'd told each other,
The old times flashed before my eyes 
I finally understood, 
Why you had been and still remain this mad...

And I could still cry my eyes out,
I could keep until forever being sad.
Because now I know, 
the other - no, your - side of the story.

Must have seemed like a lifetime ago,
When I'd written those words.
Even I gape at them, and then get seized 
By the urge to throw the clock back,
Hard at something. 

Now I know, why it's so difficult
To go back to who we used to be.
I also know,
Why you are not here next to me.

Even I wouldn't be,
If I was on the other side of the story.

I said once, long time ago, 
Things wouldn't go down well
And sometimes in memories of days long gone,
I will admit, I do dwell.

But since I know now,
The other side of the story.
I finally know now,
The blame should be on me.


  1. The pain and tumult is clearly coming through the words...very well written :)


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