Poem: Dear Sparsh...

 Dear Sparsh,
I just wanted you to know,
That every time I pick up my guitar now,
Your face comes into my mind somehow.
Absentmindedly, I play the strings,
And form a tune that your sweet memory brings.

Dear Sparsh,
I wish you would know,
That every time my phone rings these days,
I secretly wish it would be from you always.
I keep staring at the phone even when I know the message is not from you.
When you’re not around, are times that I am not used to!

Dear Sparsh,
I just hope that not only through words but I do show,
Through the way my eyes light up and smile breaks across my face,
When I am in your arms and tell you the dreams about a lovely place…
That my life has become crazier and better and wonderful with you.
You took me by the hand and made me look at life anew.

Dear Sparsh,
I can safely promise you now, that I won’t ever let you go.
There’s something special about the way you hold me close,
And whisper in my ears the sweetest song this world never knows.
Or try to make me dance in the pouring rain,
And tell me there are a million ways to smile again.

Dear Sparsh,
The next time you see me, hold me close and don’t let go.
For me there is no better place in the world than the one you’ve shown.
Sometimes I sit and wonder how I couldn’t have known,
The beautiful world around was slowly turning to grey…
And I would’ve believed it, if you didn’t come and turned my life astray.

Dear Sparsh,
I hope that what you were looking for is now what you know.
You’ve managed to turn my head enough to want to be with you all the time.
And I know, almost too well, you are the best thing that has been mine.
Every time it rains, I look out and smile at the dark skies,
Because I just know beyond that grayness, my colorful life lies.

Dear Sparsh,
I just want you to now know,
That every time I walk around alone,
I remember the days you walked me home.
Every time I go near an ice cream stall,
I remember having them with you saying nothing at all.
Every time I sit alone and the cool breeze blows,
My mind invariably leads me to the thoughts of Sparsh.

And dearest Sparsh,
I wish by now you would know –
There is no place that I can go,
Where your thoughts would let me be…
You have become a part of me.

From the corner of my heart that had always belonged to you,
You’ve spread right through,
And possessed my soul, my dreams and me,
Yet somehow, I have never been so free…

Dear Sparsh,
I wonder if you know,
How beloved you’ve become to me.
That you wake up every day to see –
The sweetest words lined up in rhyme.
So that you know, you’re mine, and only mine….


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