Never Me In A Million Years

He stood in the doorway,
Final words echoing
In the wind,
"Me or your friend, my beloved?"

He asks me to make a choice,
Between himself
And my best friend -
"Answer me fast, I can't stay for long."

I'm tongue-tied,
No words escape my lips
I'm silent -
Nothing comes forth as my answer

How could I choose between
The two-sides of the same coin?
The two sweet pieces,
Of my heart?

When I first met him,
No such thought had crossed
My mind -
That one day I'd have to choose one...

When I began to fall in love,
I hadn't bargained to fall out of friendship...
The thought had never come
And now I realize: never in a million years

I'd never thought,
This situation would come forth
Sudden words emerge from my lips
"I want neither of you, my love"

If, I have to choose between
Friendship and love,
God and mother...
I'd rather stay alone...forever and a day.


  1. I loved your usage of 'two sweet pieces".


  2. Why did you add " and a day" ???

  3. @ diptrix: No idea...that song caught my head back then for some reason! :P


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