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Modern Dating Be Like, the Podcast ft. Aashna Iyer

Dating is hard. Especially in these modern times. And, as a twenty-something and a thirty-something, Aashna and I had a lot to say about the dating world.  I met Aashna Iyer a few months ago when she joined the company I was previously working at. We met in person once (because we are still living through the pandemic...and honestly? No one knows when it'll end anymore.) Remember how everyone had gone home in March for 2 weeks and it ended up being more than a year? Yeah. That's what I am talking about.  Right before my birthday last year, around August, I met a guy via one these many dating apps that we have at our disposal. Video dating and socially distanced dating was a new thing. In fact, this guy and I clicked on a lot of levels. Chief amongst which was the fact he had the most adorable cat and I had just adopted a lovable, cuddlebug (who later went on to become the CCO for Buzz Magazine), Felix Felicis P. Brahma.  Smokey or his owner are not in my life. The dude went dow

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