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#Musings: Which Aniesha Brahma Novel Should You Read Based On Your Poison

It’s no secret that I was only six when I decided that I wanted to become an author. Instead of telling me to chase a realistic dream, my family encouraged me to chase that dream, and eventually, I did turn it into a reality. It’s been almost nine years since I came into the publishing world. And over the course of that time, I’ve penned over 13+ books (and I’m planning to publish so many more). Now, I realized when people come across my books or my social media profile, they don’t know where to begin from. In order to make it easier on them, I decided to write a bookish guide for you - based on your choice of poison. Buckle up, pour our favourite drink, and let’s get started. The Secret Proposal - Hot Chocolate If you are a fan of Hot Chocolate, then my debut novel, The Secret Proposal , is the perfect read for you. While the characters are in their early to late twenties, I was just turning twenty. It’s a saccharine-sweet romance and pushes the boundaries on will-they won’t-they. O

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